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CNC Milling

Prototype and Production of Precision Milled Geometries

As our customer base continues to grow, the need to mill increasingly complex geometries across multiple planes continues to grow too.  That's why we have spent the last few years investing heavily in new machining technologies.  With 15,000 rpm direct drive spindles, Kaiser Big Plus dual-contact spindle systems, roller bearing ways, through spindle coolant, full 4th axis machining, and laser tool setting with in-process tool checking, we are poised to tackle some of the toughest jobs around.  Keep in mind, it is not just the machining technology but also the software, the rigidity of the fixture and system, and the tools and toolholders that all must be synchronized to successfully achieve the expected results.  All of these variables come together to create a robust system that results in reliable and stable environment and provides a conduit through which we may provide and prove a process capability uncommon in our industry.