Cision Technologies
111 North Leja Drive
Vicksburg, MI 49097
Why Cision Technologies
Who We Are
The “machine shop” of today is much more sophisticated than even a decade ago thanks to advances in equipment, technology, and software. Yet what continues to be true is that it’s not what you have...
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What We Do
When you say you’re in the “product and production solutions” business, you had better know what you’re saying. Sure it involves CNC milling and turning, making chips, but that’s just part of it. Here’s an idea ...
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How We Do It
From building a sample from a sketch to producing thousands of a part a year, we offer our customers a product development experience to match their individual needs. Being able to manage each step ...
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Welcome to Cision Technologies.

The launch of our website is a big occasion for us, kind of a rite of passage, you might say. It’s an opportunity to explain to the world just who Cision Technologies is and what it is we do. 

The beauty of this website is that no matter how long you've known us, you'll probably learn something new. Certainly a lot has changed since Pease Machining became Cision Technologies, but we've worked hard to make sure that the important things still remain the same. We still believe what we've always held to be true: If we continue to focus on you, our customer, and what is important to you, we will all share in each other’s success. Since we happen to think our customers are the best, we feel like we're in good company.

We're always looking for opportunities to understand our customers better. We invite you to look around and do the same. We hope you like what you see.

Todd Pease