Cost, quality, and delivery

When it comes to precision machined components and prototyping, three metrics are more important than anything else: cost, quality, and delivery. At Cision, we’ve poured a lot of time, energy, and resources into our equipment, tooling, measuring, and associated software. This allows us to offer the latest and greatest in cutting, automation, tooling, work-holding, and metrology technology. The investments that we’ve made in cutting tech ensures that we can cut and hold dimensions and tolerances that are within +/-.0002”, both in prototyping and production.
Our commitment to staying current also instills confidence that our machines are optimized to stay within their designed specifications. New machines are more rigid, more accurate and, like a new car, you can feel it and see it in the performance. We understand that these factors can make or break a shop’s ability to consistently machine to the dimension and tolerances their customers need, so we’ve worked diligently to design a process that delivers reliable, consistent, high-quality results to our customers.

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Who We Are

Thanks to advances in equipment, technology, and software, precision machine shops are far more sophisticated than they were even a decade ago. Despite that, the team at Cision believes it’s not what you have that makes you special, it’s who you are.

What We Do

If you have spent much time in the manufacturing arena, you know that our world is built around maintaining systems that can ensure that we do what we say. The cornerstone of our services — and our quality — is a commitment to staying on the cutting edge.

How To Start

Whether we’re building a sample from a sketch or producing thousands of parts, we offer customers a personalized product development experience to suit their unique needs. Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

Built for precision, engineered for repeatability

When new customers come to us, we encourage them to challenge their current providers to prove that they can meet their specifications and, more importantly, to ask how long they can maintain that compliance. Cision has been in the job shop business since the mid 90s. We can prove our performance with mountains of data, most of which is digitally logged in our system and backed up remotely to protect everyone.
Our newest automated work cells come with part tending, part probing, tool probing, and in-process inspection. Because of this, we can be certain that things are as they should be, long before any problems occur. In our cells, the robot loads the part, then the probes check the loaded blank and, if it’s not sitting properly, the robot will clean and reset the work area and blank until it meets the predetermined criteria. In addition to this, constant vigilance ensures that our tools are free of breakage and wear, as we have in-process checks of our tools and parts. With our dedication to staying current with all the latest technology and our steadfast commitment to measurable, provable quality, there simply isn’t a more accurate, more repeatable, or more reliable precision machining company in Southwest Michigan.