Cision Technologies
111 North Leja Drive
Vicksburg, MI 49097

Why Cision

Who We Are:

The “machine shop” of today is much more sophisticated than even a decade ago thanks to advances in equipment, technology, and software. Yet what continues to be true is that it’s not what you have that makes you different or special, it's who you are.

In a 2012 article in Fortune Magazine, Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, asserts that soft culture matters as much as hard numbers. We happen to think he’s right. As individuals, every choice we make is an expression of what we value and how much we value it. For a company it’s not that much different. Here’s what matters to us:

We Value Time;

Time is too precious a thing to waste, and we think that’s true whether it’s your time or ours. When you value time you tend to use it wisely.

We Value Doing What We Say;

How different the world would be if everyone lived by this principle. It’s where reliability, dependability, and trust come from.

We Value Teamwork;

We believe that we can potentially achieve much more by working together; with our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our neighbors.

We Value a “Can Do” Attitude;

Your willingness to do whatever it takes will ultimately come to define you. Every job is a challenge that requires our collective best effort and our belief in ourselves.

We Take Pride in Our Work;

Both individually and collectively. We all want to do work that has some kind of purpose and is worthy of respect.

We Strive to Make a Good Impression;

Next to how people feel about the things they buy is how they feel about the people they buy them from. We care what our customers think.