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What We Do

What We Do:

By now we trust you are beginning to understand just how diverse a company Cision Technologies is.  We offer a wide range of services, beyond just the ordinary job shop.  To better illustrate that, we thought we would share some of the key industries we serve .  With over 20 years of learning our customers and their fields of specialty our most important lesson is that of listening to discern their real challenges and adapting our services to truly address their needs.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical Industry

From engineering and fabricating improvements to production processes and equipment to working with other suppliers in major shutdown projects, the pharmaceutical industry embodies some of the same challenges found in the food and beverage industry and facilities support, plus many that are unique in themselves. Given the nature of the products they produce, much of what we do centers around the handling of vials of one type or another, and how to accomplish it better. Similar as well to prototyping, some of what we do is build to design the next better idea or solution to a particular problem. Because of our experience and versatility we are able to work closely with our customer’s engineering and technical staff and respond quickly when the need arises. It’s a challenging industry, but we’re happy to say we are able to routinely meet the challenge.