Cision Technologies
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What We Do

What We Do:

By now we trust you are beginning to understand just how diverse a company Cision Technologies is.  We offer a wide range of services, beyond just the ordinary job shop.  To better illustrate that, we thought we would share some of the key industries we serve .  With over 20 years of learning our customers and their fields of specialty our most important lesson is that of listening to discern their real challenges and adapting our services to truly address their needs.

Firearms and Accessories OEM

Firearms & Accessories OEM

At Cision we produce a variety of machined components for the firearms industry, something that puts us at a distinct advantage. As a registered FFL manufacturer and tier one supplier for one of the major firearm brands, we produce components for both personal and military grade weapons as well as multiple aftermarket products. Because we have the ability to move quickly from prototyping to small batch production or blanket orders, we can provide our customers with a fast start to a project or the breathing room they need to meet current demands. By providing all necessary secondary operations, we can ship finished components or even assemblies directly to our customers. By combining the latest technology in inspection equipment and our vast knowledge in toolroom and advanced manufacturing practices we can offer our customers with a higher level of conformity and consistency than they might typically find in this industry.